Thursday before the eyes open the rain is talking.  Makes a smile to know that even a Thursday can be comforting with the type of rain that is apparently insisting on going all day, a help perhaps, if only one would believe. So you, who helps with the rain, there are a few questions for you.  But oh such a noise in the traffic, nothing much is heard and back to the start we must go.  Slower this time round and round we all seemingly go as that is the way we have always gone round here, making not a single difference, but thinking and saying so as if that makes it all worthwhile and right.  Thankfully, the rain helps.

As the eyes flip open comes the realization of happiness yet again and the continued puzzlement of not knowing why.  Why so happy, even on a Thursday, the most hated day of any week.  Here it is, the rain that will be needed to be talked about if venturing out.  Despite the grass glowing and the leaves on the trees shinning.  This is not a brown dreary day for talking about the weather.  Better to embrace our own loving warm arms, snug at home and avoid those compulsory repetitive conversations on such a day.  But not on Wednesday, easily the best day of the week.  That is the best day to strike out into town, no matter what the weather and its needed conversation.  Yet few are there too.  Why is that, that few venture out, even on a good day, such as a Wednesday ?  That would be the second question.


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