Quamtum Encounter

pic-braid-loopQuantum Braid Loop

Lately I have been hearing from many that they are into “Quantum Physics”.  Seems like this has become rather popular, to be interested in such metaphysical stuff.  Hype maybe, but what does it mean.  Having long forgotten pretty much all the Physics I ever learnt at school or Uni,  “Oh” is all I could think of to reply.  This got me to thinking.

The next time I uncounted one of these quantum fans I hoped to be able to muster a more intelligent reply.  I looked it up.  What was happening these days in that land of “Quantum”.  Had someone really discovered the meaning of life, after-all  ?

pic-fibonacciQuantum Fibonacci

With a little asking around at the University Physics Department, apparently not.  I did however come across some of the latest quantum thinking, including some diagrams to illustrate.  My favorite is the so called Braid Loop, but the f move is not bad either for something more intellectual looking.

pic-fmoveThe Quantum F Move

Now I feel well prepared to discuss a few of the quantum details at my next quantum encounter.  They don’t look too difficult.  More info on this is here, for those interested in “Quantum” and also those of us who would like to be.  Certainly has caught my interest.


The Quantum R Move


The Quantum Braid Relation

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