The One Hundred Hour Rule

Or in other words: “How to marry a man”, which has long been portrayed in many popular American “self help” style books.  However, this rule or procedure, has in recent times been largely forgotten and  become obscured by modern ideas of correctness in speaking.   As a result, many relationships have been lost.  So in the interests of saving a few lives, I will be somewhat more concise and hopefully clear the air of these recent fallacies, especially the one common idea now that men and women are, generally speaking, identical in their approach to committed relationships.

Firstly, the 5 steps of the 100 hour rule are these:

  1. 1. For the first 100 hours of meeting with a prospective mate, the women in this situation must accurately and secretly log the number of hours they spend with the male.  Telephone calls and the like do not count, only actual time spent together will count, including the very first coffee and meet up and any outing, like to restaurants and the theatre.  Whether any physical intimacy occurs is irrelevant for this log.  So every outing with this male is written up in a notebook, with the start and end times and the a total time spent together ( awake ).
  2. 2. In this first 100 hours, the women agrees with everything the man says.  If the man wants to go to the movies, she agrees with his choices.  If the man wants to go to the beach, she thinks that would be great, even if she hates the sand and sun.
  3. 3. Regularly checking the notebook log of the hours spent together, as soon as the total time together has reached 100 hours, the women needs to start not always agreeing with whatever the man says.  Little at first, starting with small things and building as more time is added to her notebook log.
  4. 4. The male now will start to wonder what has happened and most likely think he needs to do something in order to get back the wonderful women he first knew.  He will try harder and harder as time goes by, especially if he is unaware of this “100 hour rule”.
  5. 5. In the end, the male will ask the women for marriage, in a final desperate act to have the women of his dreams back.

Of course, the fundamental problem with this “rule” is that the relationship typically fails after a while, regardless of the marriage vows.  Even if the marriage lasts, no one is happy there and lives are lost to despair and sadness.

Obviously, on first meeting a relationship prospect for a “coffee and meetup”, everyone is trying to make a good impression.  After all, one can only ever make one first impression and from the male’s perspective, if he likes what he sees on that first meeting, that image will stay etched in his brain for the rest of his life.  The danger for both men and women who are truly seeking a lasting and supportive relationship, the danger is waiting 100 hours to turn up and show the other what they really are.  If the woman waits the 100 hours, the man can become trapped, whether intended of otherwise.

Conversely, for a man, it is important that he shows early on, his worst aspects, otherwise the woman is going to think he has given up on her.

Hopefully, the more people of both genders become aware of the common pitfalls in dating, the happier we all will be.

© 2016, James Harry Burton. All rights reserved.