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The Last Apricot

In the back garden is a large old apricot tree.  In my first winter in this house, the tree had no leaves and looked at though it died years ago, never to revive.  Spring arrives and this tree first surprises me with a thick cover of new leafs.  Then a few weeks later, I am again surprised and also delighted that this now green tree has become littered with yellow looking fruit.  Not being an expert on plants, I wondered for a few more weeks what sort of fruit this tree was now abundantly producing.  As some of these fruits turned orange in colour, I picked one and discovered what experts had been telling me; this is an apricot tree.

last-apricotThe only other apricots I had even eating came in a packet and were flat and dried specimens, entirely different to this tree’s produce.  The worry for me was that the many birds flying around the yard had began to sing happier knowing what was soon to be eaten.

This first fruit though, was very tart, with the slightest hint of a possible future rapture.  So I picked a few and let them sit on a shelf in the kitchen for a few days in the hope that they would ripen up.  Some went bad in the mean time and some I eat.  Regardless, after a couple of weeks more, I need not have bothered, as the tree now was full of ripe and sweet eating apricots.  Too many in fact for me, so I gave bags of them away to my neighbors and anyone else I came across.  Half the apricots fell on the ground and this seemed to mostly keep the birds happy.  The issue now before me was not to eat too many delicious mouth watering apricots in a day, as I suspected these apricots would not keep blooming.

Sure enough, two weeks later and there were no more apricots on the tree and I was a little sad.  But the tree seemed to say to me, don’t be sad, I will be back in a year and you will know me better next time.

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